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surfwear for a sustainable future...
NOAH coast H-Head Logo Coral

noah coast are passionate about preserving the legacy of our founder’s late father, fish.


along with his mates he traversed the east coast of australia, they were some of the original Aussies to scour the coast for the best breaks & in the process were part of the surfing adventurers of the 1960s who uncovered the iconic locations we know today. our mission is to share the captivating beauty and nostalgia of this era through sustainable and ethical fashion.


we endeavour to be more than just a clothing brand; we aim to inspire and connect with the community by creating quality, eco-friendly, responsibly sourced garments which align with our values. 

99% of our products including our “limited edition” hand screen printed by nath & matt halftone-style surf prints on birch-plywood & our ethically sourced organic cotton unisex tee’s are carefully crafted with love to bring joy and meaning to our customers’ lives.


the brand we strives to prioritise sustainability & ethical practices in all facets of the our products
& supply chain.

including constantly seeking new ways to reduce our environmental impact & carbon footprint.

currently we utilise 100% bio-degradable / compostable / recyclable packaging substrates that also include a

paw (post-consumer waste) % component where possible.


we believe that fashion can be a force for good & a vector to empower all us of the positive attributes available when committed to creating products that not only look good but also do good.


at noah, we honour the legacy of our australian surfing pioneers, embrace our love for surfing, the ocean & the planet & work towards creating a better, more sustainable future for all.


nath & matt


noah coast

our team
Nath Shaking Dolphins Flipper @ Pet Porpoise Pool Coffs  1978

founder / surfer / artist / designer


Matt in wading pool as Toddler

partner / cuz / surfer / sales


JPW in Cairns after visit to the Barbers
*jp walker (fish)

dad / legend / surfer / photographer


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